SG Designs

All of the little extras I've designed and sculpted to enhance the WDCC statues
After several wonderful years, I have decided to stop for now this activity.
It has been quite a ride, but I realized I lost people's interest, and with the economic situation, I can't continue.
I will probably continue sharing new bases here, but they won't be for sell.

THANK you all for your support during these last few years!

Stromboli's Caravan

Best Friends

The Sea Witch's Cave

I Got Friends on the Other Side!

Wow! That's a lovely place!

A Malevolent Transformation

Let's play piano!


The Enchanted Balcony

Lesson at the Market

Hades Base

Lakeside Meetup

Welcome to Wonderland

First Time in Corona

Minnie Bust

Cheshire Cat tree base

A Peaceful Garden


La Belle et la Bête

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Visit to Cherry Tree Lane

What a tense situation!

Awk! Cave of wonders!

Riser for Sabor

A Gloomy Place

A Grumpy Landing

A Genie in the Moon

Chores with a Sneaky Cat

Far from Agrabah


A Perfect Match

A Comfy Spot

Fagin's Houseboat

The Lion King Scene

Base Hyenas

Baby Moana